Secure Freedom Minute: Welcome to a Space Race We Can’t Afford to Lose


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson had an unsettling welcome to the New Year. In an interview published on January 1st by Politico, the former U.S. senator announced that the Chinese Communist Party is preparing to colonize the Moon and may use force to deny us access to it.  

This is not exactly news as experts like Richard Fisher have been warning for years that the CCP is intent on dominating  what it calls the “earth-Moon system” as part of Beijing’s bid to control our planet.  

But U.S. policymakers – and particularly those involved with America’s space programs – have for decades encouraged the public to believe leftist nostrums about the High Frontier being a pristine international “commons” reserved for peaceful exploration and scientific research. 

We’re now in a real – and potentially deadly – space race with the Chinese. It’s one we literally can’t afford to lose. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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