Secure Freedom Minute: We’re Getting Tired of Losing


Donald Trump famously promised that with him as President, Americans would get “tired of winning.” It appears that they are increasingly getting tired of losing under his successor.

A recent YouGov-Economist poll weighted significantly in Democrats’ favor found that a majority of those surveyed believe the nation is on the wrong track. And why not? Americans are losing income to inflation. They’re losing confidence in public health authorities, the security of our border, what’s taught in our schools and the guarantees of our constitutional rights. Then, there’s our country losing ground to Communist China, the Taliban, narco-traffickers, gangs and other criminals.

In short, the public seems to be responding to what increasingly  can best be described as a Biden-Harris wrecking operation that is having its desired, and ominous, effect – namely “fundamentally transforming” America.

Are you tired of losing your country yet?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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