Secure Freedom Minute: What About Communist China, Joe?


Joe Biden’s Gaslight of the Union Tuesday was riddled with falsehoods and deflections. Particularly striking, however, was his failure to mention even once Communist China. That’s like having your doctor examine you for Covid, but not discuss your stage-five cancer.

We can speculate about why the Commander-in-Chief would completely leave out of what was supposed to be his assessment of the state of our Union the immense damage being done to it by the Chinese Communist Party’s decades-long “unrestricted warfare.” Perhaps his personal and family corruption by Beijing – shockingly documented in Peter Schweizer’s new book, Red-Handed – explains his completely ignoring its killer virus, deadly fentanyl smuggling, hollowing out of our economy, espionage, unreliable supply chains and growing military threats  

As it happens, the CCP did a simultaneous throw-down by threatening Taiwan. Joe Biden can pretend China is no problem. We can’t.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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