Secure Freedom Minute: What are the Reasons for, and Likely Upshot of, the Reservists’ Call-up?


Out of the blue, President Biden yesterday called up elements of America’ military reserves. What’s up with that?  

Ostensibly, it’s to shore up our forces in Europe. But are they meant for a shooting war in Ukraine, without congressional approval or public support?

Alternatively, are the reserves intended to paper over the military’s acute recruiting crisis and its principal cause: Team Biden’s deeply alienating, Marxist makeover of our armed forces?

Or is this a cynical gambit to induce the U.S. Senate to confirm General “C.Q.” Brown as the next Joint Chiefs Chairman and rubber-stamp the promotion of other officers willing to sacrifice readiness and deterrence to so-called “woke” policies that undermine both? 

These possible motivations have one thing in common: They are likely to embolden our main enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, to believe it can wage war against us with impunity. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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