Secure Freedom Minute: What Did Pelosi Know Leading Up to January 6 – and Do to Perpetrate It?


Following Donald Trump’s indictment for alleged involvement in assorted January 6th-related “crimes,” fresh evidence has emerged that that day’s so-called “insurgency” was actually a fraudulent inside-job. 

That’s the unmistakable take-away from an interview Tucker Carlson conducted with Steven Sund, the Capitol Police Chief on that fateful day. Yesterday, Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse revealed part of the video that was never aired by Fox News – suppression that may explain Tucker’s termination by its management. 

That’s because Chief Sund said the unsayable, revealing that he was: denied access to intelligence about the threat to the Capitol that day; denied requested back-up from the National Guard; and suspicious that it played out according to a plan that was then covered up.  

Nancy Pelosi must be subpoenaed about what she knew, and did, to perpetrate a “false-flag” operation on January 6th, and fraud ever since.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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