Secure Freedom Minute: What Does Team Biden Think a Jihadist Palestinian State Would “Solve”?


In congressional testimony this week, Under Secretary of State Bonnie Jenkins declined to answer questions from Florida Rep. Brian Mast about who would lead the Palestinian state Team Biden insists must emerge from the war in Gaza, or what its character would be.

A lot rides on those answers. They actually will determine what the so-called “two-state solution” actually “solves.” If jihadists run the Palestinian state, they will eventually – if not rapidly –achieve their goal of Israel’s destruction. And if the reason a top U.S. diplomat can’t, or at least won’t, identify who will lead that state, is that there are no other candidates, President Biden is insisting the Jewish State commit suicide. 

Let’s be clear: The people who want to destroy Israel want to destroy us. Biden administration policies helping them advance these goals must be repudiated, and terminated, now.

This is Frank Gaffney

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