Secure Freedom Minute: What ”Insurrection”?


The Colorado Supreme Court effectively convicted Donald Trump yesterday of inciting an insurrection three years ago. It was on that basis that four of seven justices blocked the former President’s name from appearing on next year’s Republican primary ballot.

But Mr. Trump has not been prosecuted, let alone convicted, on charges of precipitating or otherwise engaging in insurrectionist activity. And the kangaroo court proceedings of the congressional January 6th Committee, that some argue amounts to such an indictment, are increasingly discredited.

Notably, veteran police officer-turned-Representative Clay Higgins affirmed to journalist Lara Logan, on the basis of his own and others’ ongoing forensic work, that – far from being an insurrection – what happened on January 6th appears to have been an inside-job engineered by the FBI and others. 

Before his voters are disenfranchised, Donald Trump must have his day in the Supreme Court.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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