Secure Freedom Minute: What the President Actually Means

Secure Freedom Minute

President Biden will address a joint session of some of Congress tonight. As a public service, here’s a translation into plain English of what he’s likely to say.

The President will gloat about the booming U.S. economy. Translation: Unchecked government spending is creating a sugar-high that actually imperils the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and, therefore, America’s economic viability.

The President will tout Senate Democrats’ S.1. bill as vital to election integrity. Translation: This legislation would guarantee voting fraud and preclude future free and fair balloting.

And President Biden will claim to have restored America’s world leadership. Translation: International contempt for him and his team is evident in growing threats from China, Russia and Iran.

Glib presidential talk about unity and progress must not mislead us about the dangerous “fundamental transformation” of America now underway – and the imperative need to resist it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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