Secure Freedom Minute: What will the Actual CINC Do When Biden Proves Wrong on Afghanistan?


A recent poll found that a majority of Americans believe Joe Biden is not in charge. His remarks yesterday about the end next month of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan reinforce that realistic perception.

Notably, the apparent Commander-in-Chief-in-name-only assured us the Taliban is “highly unlikely” to own the whole country. He said there’s “no circumstance” in which helicopters will lift desperate people from the U.S. embassy roof like when we abandoned – and lost – South Vietnam.

Only someone utterly disconnected from reality, and responsibility, could make such statements – let alone insist that the U.S. will continue to support the Afghan military and the “people of Afghanistan” will decide their country’s fate.

What will the person who is actually running America do when these preposterous assertions prove wrong – especially to protect us from a triumphant Taliban and emboldened Global Jihad Movement? 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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