Secure Freedom Minute: Who “Chose” This Strategic Defeat in Afghanistan?


Lara Logan is the most brilliant, informed and courageous investigative TV journalist in America. In her new, must-see interview about Afghanistan with Tucker Carlson, she reported: “The Afghans will tell you: The United States chose this outcome.”

Precisely who chose this immense and humiliating strategic defeat is unclear at the moment. Its main beneficiary, however, is clearly the Chinese Communist Party.

So a question first asked here months ago recurs: What exactly did Chinese dictator Xi Jinping tell Joe Biden during their two-hour long “conversation” back in February?

As the case for removing this president from office becomes ever-more-compelling, we need to take a page from the last one’s second impeachment: Give us a verbatim transcript so we can see if China actually chose – and dictated – this outcome in Afghanistan, and all the horrors that will flow from it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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