Secure Freedom Minute: Who Lost Peru? Joe Biden Did


Yesterday, Pedro Castillo, a Marxist with ties to the Shining Path terrorist group and an affinity for the interests of drug traffickers, was declared to have won a fraud-fraught election for the presidency of Peru. Latin America now faces the distinct prospect of yet-another promising developing country misruled and bankrupted by a Communist regime – with dire repercussions for its people, the region and us.

If, as seems likely, Peru’s trajectory follows that of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, its people will soon be subjected to an oppressive government denying them freedom and free market capitalism. That will, inevitably, translate into mass emigration, further roiling neighboring states like Colombia and Chile, and exacerbating the invasion occurring here.

History will judge harshly the U.S. government’s failure to help stave off this disaster. Who lost Peru? Joe Biden did.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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