Secure Freedom Minute: ”Who Lost the Free World?”


Tomorrow, yet another vital nation may be lost if the people of South Korea decide to elect a pro-North Korea, anti-America Communist as their next president. Or alternatively, if, despite the majority’s preference for his pro-freedom, conservative opponent, this election – like the parliamentary ones of 2020 – winds up fraudulently giving victory to the radical left.

Either way, the outcome would be a further blow to America’s strategic position in the world – and boon to Communist China’s.

Coming on the heels of the loss of Peru, Afghanistan, Chile and Ukraine in the past year, and the prospect that U.S. allies may be voted out in Colombia and Brazil in the next few months, our enemies will surely be further emboldened and our remaining friends destabilized.

A generation ago, the question was “Who lost China?” Today, it will be: “Who lost the Free World?”

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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