Secure Freedom Minute: Who’s Losing Latin America?


Amidst Russia’s wholesale destruction of Ukraine, growing trouble much closer to home is getting scant attention. We’re about to lose what’s left of free Latin America to our indigenous and foreign enemies there – with calamitous economic, demographic and national security consequences here.

Straws in the wind include Chile’s new Marxist government’s installation of the granddaughter of former Communist president Salvador Allende as its defense minister. Cartels engorged on the money they have made smuggling across our southern border since Joe Biden opened it are waging all-out war against the Mexican military. And impending elections may well result in anti-American leftists running the table in their last two holdouts: Colombia and Brazil.

We must secure our southern border, oppose Chinese and Russian support for their regional Communist International, the Forum of San Paolo, and stand with those in Latin America who love freedom.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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