Secure Freedom Minute: Who’s Minding Biden’s Invaders


Joe Biden’s legacy will likely include that he got a lot of us killed by enabling a million or more unaccompanied, military-aged men to enter our country from Sharia-supremacist nations, Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela and other hostile sources, including transnational drug cartels.

From Afghanistan alone, there are approximately seventy thousand who were admitted here as refugees after Biden surrendered the place to the Taliban. Like other unvetted individuals who came in illegally, these potential jihadists have been shipped all over the country – especially to Red States – and allowed to disappear into our society.

If the invaders weren’t armed when they came here, they most likely are now.

Such ticking time-bombs may or may not be under the command of one or more of our enemies. Either way, the danger they pose could be existential.

Is anyone addressing, let alone mitigating, that threat?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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