Secure Freedom Minute: Will Biden‘s Surrender in Afghanistan Beget a Hot War with China?


Yesterday, President Biden declared an end to the war in Afghanistan and “looked,” as a result, to a “safer,” “more secure” future for America. In so doing, he ignored the central delusion that one side can end a war unilaterally other than by surrendering.

Now, we have seen what such an ignominious surrender looks like – and have a sense of how it has enriched, empowered and emboldened our enemies in Afghanistan and elsewhere. For instance, consider the recent announcement that, henceforth, ships transiting China’s “territorial waters” must get its approval to do so.

Since the Chinese Communist Party asserts such waters include the South China Sea, it appears that U.S. warships, submarines and commercial vessels would be required to register passages there, including destinations, routes and contents – or face repercussions by the Chinese military.

Hot wars have been precipitated by less.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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