Secure Freedom Minute: Will Peru be the Next Venezuela?


Kamala Harris tells us she’s worried about the “root causes” of illegal immigration. Although she recently visited Latin America to find out what they are, the Vice President didn’t examine while there a potentially huge new impetus for that problem – and a disaster for the region and our country, more generally.

One of South America’s most important nations is Peru. It may soon be lost to Communists who have been working for decades, with varying degrees of success, to take over, bankrupt and otherwise destroy states from Mexico to Argentina.

Inevitably, when that happens, millions of people flee their homelands. Venezuela is a prime example of this phenomenon at the moment.

Anger over Covid and widespread fraud may make an avowed Marxist with ties to Shining Path terrorists Peru’s next president. If Pedro Castillo wins, our hemisphere will lose, big time.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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