Secure Freedom Minute: Will Rashad Hussain Champion Everyone‘s Religious Freedom?


Thanksgiving is a time when people of every faith and no faith celebrate their blessings. It’s also an appropriate moment to reflect on the many millions worldwide denied religious freedom.

That’s especially so as the Senate will soon consider the nomination of Rashad Hussain to be America’s top diplomat responsible for promoting that fundamental human right.

Mr. Hussain is not only the first Muslim to be tapped for the job. His former boss, President Obama, says he has memorized every word of Islam’s Koran.  

Such devotion is especially revered by those who consider the Koran to be divinely dictated, the immutable foundation of Islam’s Sharia law and, therefore, obligatory direction for all Muslims. The Koran also repeatedly condemns so-called “unbelievers.”

We must know now: How will an adherent to Sharia safeguard, let alone promote, the right to freely practice every religion?

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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