Secure Freedom Minute: Will ”the Quad” Contend with Today‘s Axis of Evil?


As the leaders of the United States, Japan, India and Australia confer today as members of “the Quad,” they will presumably be preoccupied with the principal threat all four countries face. That would be the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly operationalized aspiration for world domination.

The Quad’s meeting will be taking place, however, under the oppressive shadow of Joe Biden’s humiliating strategic defeat in Afghanistan. After all, their common enemy is not only the principal beneficiary of that debacle. Communist China has clearly been further emboldened by it.

Unfortunately, so have the victorious Taliban and other jihadists worldwide. Since they continue – pursuant to Islam’s Sharia doctrine – to wage “endless war” against us “infidels,” the Quad must reject Team Biden’s dangerous delusion that what is left of the Free World can safely do business with either so-called “moderate jihadists” or their Chinese Communist friends.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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