Secure Freedom Minute: Will We Stand Together for Freedom?


The much-ballyhooed Russian invasion of Ukraine hasn’t happened yet, thank God. For the moment, this must be considered a stay-of-execution for the Ukrainians, not a commutation of sentence.

But it always seemed more likely that Vladimir Putin would wait to impose his brand of totalitarianism on them until after his ally, Xi Jinping, finishes the Genocide Games next week. So hold the champagne.

Meanwhile, tyranny is on the march closer to home. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared what amounts to martial law to crush peaceful, truck-borne civil disobedience. 

And the Biden administration has been wielding unconstitutional emergency powers here, too, by imposing Covid-19 “vaccines.” Last week, its Homeland Security Department declared that those who object by writing co-called mis-, dis- or mal-information will be treated as domestic terrorists.

Freedom-loving peoples are under threat worldwide. We must stand together.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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