Secure Freedom Minute: Will We Tolerate New Lockdowns in Response to the CCP’s Pandemic 2.0?


When a coronavirus pandemic erupted in Communist China three years ago, residents from Ground Zero in Wuhan were encouraged by their government to travel to the United States and elsewhere around the world.

The predictable result was to spread the disease everywhere, prompting our expert Team B III panel to characterize the Chinese Communist Party’s behavior as a deliberate “biological warfare attack.”
Today, the COVID pandemic is ravaging all of China and its
dictator, Xi Jinping, is responding as before – namely, by
allowing those likely afflicted to travel internationally.
Unfortunately – unlike Donald Trump, who acted to prevent
such Chinese proliferation of the disease – Joe Biden has thrown open the southern border and vehemently opposes travel restrictions.
Worse, Biden seems prepared to reinstitute Xi’s “China Model” of lockdowns in America. If you find that prospect intolerable, better make it known now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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