Secure Freedom Minute: Will You Be the Next “Prisoner of War”?


Twenty years ago yesterday, Hong Kong was surrendered to the Chinese Communist Party. I was there, and the sense of impending doom was profound. 
And with good reason. Four years ago yesterday, the CCP began in earnest what Barack Obama would call a “fundamental transformation” of Hong Kong. Now, it’s just another enslaved Chinese city.
This anniversary compels reflection about what the Chinese Communists would do to Taiwan – or, for that matter, us – if they can. 
It also shows us what domestic Marxist Democrats are trying to engineer here.
Yesterday too, Steve Bannon went to federal prison. Beforehand, he told Tucker Carlson we’re in a “war” with the people running Joe Biden and fundamentally transforming America. He described himself as a “prisoner of war.” 
Make no mistake: The Communists, foreign and domestic, want to do the same to the rest of us. 
This is Frank Gaffney._______
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