With Bill Walton, Benedict Rogers & Chuck DeVore


Bill Walton, Host of The Bill Walton Show

Bill Walton and I discussed the aftermath of the disastrous Biden debate performance, which is, after all, just a symptom of his disastrous performance as president.

We also explored what the Marxist Democrats are likely to try to engineer and the weaponization of our government against its political opponents.

Benedict Rogers, Co-founder and CEO of Hong Kong Watch

Benedict Rogers and I discussed the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong surrendering to the Chinese Communist Party and four years since it implemented its crushing National Security Act there.

Chuck DeVore, Vice President of National Initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation   

Chuck DeVore and I explored what has been the hallmark of the Biden presidency, namely perceived weakness, unreliability, and submission to the Chinese Communist Party.

We also discussed the Chinese Communist Party’s acquiescence of both the federal government and various states to ominous land purchases, including some in proximity to military installations and other critical infrastructure.

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