Secure Freedom Minute: Will You be the Next Victim of America’s Totalitarian Transformation?

Secure Freedom Minute

Following the most Marxist speech ever given by a President of the United States, agents of the federal government’s internal security service known as the FBI seized electronic devices from two of his predecessor’s lawyers.

The search warrants executed against former senior Justice Department officials Rudy Guiliani and Victoria Toensig are reportedly tied to the FBI’s pursuit of a longtime thorn in its side – a competent and pro-Trump investigative reporter named John Solomon.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s own ability to communicate is being severely restricted. His social media remain suppressed and even an interview he had this week with radio host Dan Bongino was blocked by YouTube.

Such weaponization of the state’s power and denial of access to the public square are symptoms of totalitarianism. If this “fundamental transformation” of America is not challenged and stopped, its next victim may be you.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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