Secure Freedom Minute: World War Xi’s Next Act of Arson – Will It Be Here


In Atlanta today, we’ll be holding the first of several urgent briefings in key swing states about what should be one of this year’s most important voting issues: The strategic arson creating a global conflagration properly dubbed not World War III, but World War Xi.
After all, it was at a meeting two years ago between Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin that they announced a “No Limits Partnership.” Its first manifestation was Putin’s Chinese-enabled  invasion of Ukraine. Successive meetings in Beijing between Xi and Iranian and Palestinian leaders preceded their invasion of Israel and ensuing, regional crises. And Venezuela’s tyrant Nicholas Maduro returned from a visit to Xi in China pledging to attack neighboring Guyana.
The question occurs: Will today’s Beijing summit with Putin result in Xi’s next act of arson – perhaps against Taiwan, or even us?    
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