Secure Freedom Minute: Xi Jinping – International ”Arsonist”?


Amidst the violent conflagrations raging in eastern Europe and now the Middle East, the role of an “arsonist” in a position to have sparked them has gone largely unremarked. 

Chinese Communist emperor Xi Jinping is not only arguably the principal beneficiary of the invasions of Ukraine and Israel. Prior to their launch, Vladimir Putin and top Iranian and Palestinian leaders respectively consulted in Beijing with Xi and Company. 

For his part, Xi has made no secret of his intention to create a new global order. He also faces acute internal crises that give him an incentive to launch a war of his own against Taiwan and others – possibly including us. The more distracting “fires” elsewhere, the better his prospects for success. 

What’s left of the Free World could sure use a competent and loyal “fire-chief” about now. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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