Secure Freedom Minute: Your Next ”Plandemic”

By securingamerica

The Food and Drug Administration announced last week that, in the interest of “simplifying” the “vaccination schedule for most individuals,” the original monovalent Pfizer and Moderna COVID jabs are “no longer authorized for use in the United States.”

Even though the FDA doesn’t acknowledge that these so-called “vaccines” don’t work and have actually proven to be harmful, it’s hard to read this statement as anything but a tacit admission that the emergency – and mandatory – use of those experimental “gene therapies” was a mistake. Undeterred, the agency is now calling for bivalent mRNA vaccinations, instead.

In an important webinar this afternoon about “the Next Plandemic,” an expert on pharmaceutical clinical trials named Sasha Latypova will expose how these gene therapies are actually biological weapons and developed as such outside the necessary regulatory and experimental process. 

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