Secure Freedom Radio: With Amb. Pete Hoekstra

Secure Freedom Radio

AMB. PETE HOEKSTRA, former Congressman (1993-2011), Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (2017-2021), Fellow, Center for Security Policy, @Petehoekstra

Part 1: 

  • Trump’s foreign policy was disruptive –  a “healthy disruptive”
  • Pete Hoekstra: Under Obama-Biden, the U.S. was engaged in numerous active battlefields, while President Trump tried diplomacy

Part 2: 

  • The Netherlands spent around 1.2% of its GDP on defense – well below the NATO threshold
  • Amb. Hoekstra argues that under Trump’s leadership, the U.S. upgraded the transatlantic relationship

Part 3: 

  • In 2000, Amb. Hoekstra voted against a bill that would establish permanent trade relations with the People’s Republic of China – Why?
  • Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese tech giants are trying to dominate the economic world
  • The conquest for Rare Earth Metals is on the horizon

Part 4: 

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