Secure Freedom Minute: Stop CCP Influence Operations or Submit

Secure Freedom Minute

Perhaps the only upside of the pandemic the Chinese Communist Party unleashed on this country and the rest of the world is the clarity it brought to dictator Xi Jinping’s global ambitions. Even Biden Secretary of State Tony Blinken now acknowledges that the CCP seeks to dominate and control the planet.

To that end the Chinese Communists are waging “People’s War” employing “unrestricted warfare” techniques to remove the only real impediment to that agenda: the United States of America. The most insidious of these techniques is their comprehensive influence operations aimed at subverting us from within.

The latest of countless examples of how our destruction is being stealthily advanced is one enabled by American fellow travelers at the hard-left Erickson Institute, via a teacher-training program that enables the indoctrination of our kids with Chinese Communist nursery rhymes.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is Frank Gaffney.

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