Secure Freedom Radio: With Bill Walton, Jeff Nyquist, Sam Faddis and Robert Joseph

Secure Freedom Radio

BILL WALTON, Managing Partner, Rappahannock Ventures, Chairman, Rush River Entertainment, former Leader, Donald Trump Transition Team, Host, The Bill Walton Show, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, @billwaltonshow

  • Bill Walton discusses how Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock Capital, uses around $9 trillion to further his Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance world vision

JEFF NYQUIST, Writer, Epoch Times, Author, “Origins of the Fourth World War and The New Tactics of Global War” and “The Fool and His Enemy,”, @JRNyquist

  • Death Knell of the Anglo-Saxons?
  • “Economic Democracy” as another word for Marxism
  • Former French military officials plead with the French government to uphold the laws of France

SAM FADDIS, former Clandestine Operations Officer, CIA, former Congressional Candidate, Editor,, Author, “Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA,” @RealSamFaddis

ROBERT JOSEPH, Senior Scholar, National Institute for Public Policy, former Under Secretary of State, Arms Control and International Security and Special Envoy for Nonproliferation (2005-2007), former Special Assistant to the President, National Security Council (2001-2004)

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