Secure Freedom Radio: With Bill Walton and Chuck DeVore


BILL WALTON, Chairman, Resolute Protector Foundation, Host, The Bill Walton Show, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, @billwaltonshow

Bill Walton talks about German-Russian relations and how the new German government is responding to Russian aggression in the Eastern Europe: “What they’re [German government] seeing Putin wants to reestablish the Russian Empire and the Germans have woken up from this dream they’ve been in for the last 20-25 years”

Walton talks about the United States’ and several European nations’ decision to cut numerous Russian entities off from the SWIFT system

Walton delves into the paranoid antics of an aging Vladimir Putin

Does Putin really have a strong hand on the nuclear button? 

CHUCK DEVORE, Former Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.), U.S. Army, Vice President and Policy Director, National Initiatives and Election Protection Project, Texas Public Policy Foundation, @ChuckDeVore

Chuck DeVore talks about Vladimir Putin’s likely next steps in Ukraine

Are logical errors to blame for the Russian Army’s seemingly slowed advance into Ukraine?

Is the Russian military using “bunker buster”-like weapons against civilian and military targets alike in Ukraine?

DeVore talks about renewed European support for Ukraine: “Financially, every day, Ukraine is going to get strong, and Russia is going to get weaker”

If Putin goes down, will he take the rest of the world with him?

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