Secure Freedom Minute: Mr. President – Secure the Grid Now!


Joe Biden’s State of the Union address tonight will likely feature promises of more federal spending aimed at advancing the radical left’s “fundamental transformation” of our country and spinning of his administration’s abysmal foreign policies.

A shocking “60 Minutes” segment aired on Sunday should prompt Mr. Biden to include in his remarks several concrete and immediate actions to address what is arguably the most important public policy issue of all: the danger that our electric grid is vulnerable to potentially catastrophic take-down.

The President must: make protecting the grid against all hazards a top priority; create a “czar” responsible for performing it; secure legislation requiring electric utilities to do their part; and prevent them from utilizing likely compromised equipment from China and other hostile powers.

We must secure the grid now, before it sustains devastating attack, endangering tens of millions of Americans.   

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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