Secure Freedom Radio: With Mike Mabee and Eric Greiten


MIKE MABEE, Author, “The Civil Defense Book,” Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Secure the Grid Coalition,

Michael Mabee talks about his recent appearance on CBS’s 60 Minutes: “…According to Department of Energy, there have been over 700 physical attacks against the U.S. electric grid”

Mabee talks about vulnerabilities to the U.S. electric grid: “There is no physical security standard for the electric grid as a whole”

Mabee talks about ‘regulatory capture:’ “The Federal government is very, very hesitant to enact any type of regulations that the electric utility industry doesn’t want”

Mabee talks about the “bad actors” within the American electric industry

ERIC GREITEN, Former Governor, Missouri, Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Candidate for U.S. Senate, @EricGreiten 

Eric Greitens advocates for a return to the U.S. Cold War policy of ‘Peace Through Strength’: “…just 30 years ago, you had people writing books about the ‘end of history’ and yet… since the Biden administration took over, a tremendous policy of weakness and chaos…” has ensued

Greiten: “Our domestic enemies are more real and represent a greater threat to the United States than our foreign enemies…if you’re on the sidelines, you’re on the wrong side”

Greitens talks about the prospect of potential terrorists entering the United States via the U.S.-Mexico border

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