Secure Freedom Radio: With Dr. Lawrence Sellin and Pastor Rafael Cruz


DR. LAWRENCE SELLIN, retired international businessman and medical researcher, Veteran, US Army Reserve, Guest Contributor, The Gateway Pundit@LawrenceSellin

Lawrence Sellin responds to outgoing National Institutes of Health head Francis Collins’s opposition to COVID-19 lab leak theories

Sellin talks about the “political contamination” of the scientific literature

How long has Anthony Fauci been a proponent of gain-of-function research?

PASTOR RAFAEL CRUZ, Survivor, Fidel Castro’s Communist Regime, Father, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Rafael Cruz talks about the recent Presidential election in Chile

Cruz delves into America’s early experiments with Socialism, and later free markets

Cruz: Communism operates under deception

According to the Texas State Attorney General, in Houston alone, around half a million individuals are trafficked each year

Cruz talks about the religious roots of the American revolution

Cruz: Politics is a ‘dirty business’ because people of principle are not running for office

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