Secure Freedom Minute: A New Reason to Boycott the Genocide Games


There are lots of good reasons to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games. For one, the Biden administration felt compelled to pull all official U.S. government representation because of the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide and other crimes against humanity.

For another, the CCP is actively threatening to attack Taiwan and it will surely interpret business-as-usual at the Olympics as a green light for doing so.

Now, the National Hockey League is reportedly poised to give these Genocide Games a miss out of concern about the health of its players scheduled to participate. If they get sick with the Covid-19 virus the Chinese Communists unleashed on the world, they could spend three-to-five weeks in mandatory quarantine in Beijing – to say nothing of being subjected to  China’s problematic government health care system.

Every American athlete should forgo the Genocide Games.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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