Secure Freedom Radio: With Jeff Nyquist

Secure Freedom Radio

JEFF NYQUIST, Writer, NewsmaxWorldNetDailySierraTimesFinancial Sense and Epoch Times, Author, “Origins of the Fourth World War and The New Tactics of Global War”:

Part I: 

  • The Communists are at it, Again” by Jeff Nyquist; how Marxists are working to subvert American society
  • Collectivism (aka Marxism/Communism) is divided into two parts: humans are animals and statism
  • Communism does not accept that the world is inherently spiritual

Part II: 

  • Communists strive to subvert society on numerous levels (i.e. language, education, etc)
  • California is “ground zero” for Chinese Communist subversion 
  • China is waging a ” new Opium War” against the US 

Part III: 

  • The “selective prosecution” of the innocent is one of the many tell-tail signs of an impending totalitarian state
  • Nyquist explains Wall Street’s subverting of US capital markets at the behest of China

Part IV: 

  • What are we to make of an “Old Friend” of Beijing in the Treasury Department
  • Joe Biden’s potential defense posture will weaken the US dollar’s preeminence as the reserve currency of the world

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