Secure Freedom Radio: With Jessica Anderson, Tommy Waller, Gordon Chang and Bill Walton


JESSICA ANDERSON, Executive Director, Heritage Action for America, former Associate Director, Intergovernmental Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Management and Budget, @JessAnderson2

Jessica Anderson delves into the U.S. Senate’s impending markup of the For the People Act 

Save our elections #CorruptPoliticansAct

Anderson: Critical Race Training is weakening the trust that allows for civic engagement to flourish

TOMMY WALLER, Director of Infrastructure Security, Center for Security Policy, Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps Reserves, Secure the Grid Coalition, Twitter: @Secure_the_Grid

Tommy Waller: The Colonial Pipeline is described by some as the “jugular” of the fuel supply network for the northeast

The reported group behind the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, Darkside, stole around a hundred gigabytes of data

In 2019, the Government Accountability Office reported that the Transportation Security Administration had less than 10 full-time employees working on pipeline security

GORDON CHANG, Contributor, Gatestone Institute, Newsweek, Author, “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes the World, “Losing South Korea,” and “The Great US-China Tech War,” @Gordongchang

Gordon Chang talks about a new bioweapons program under development in China

Microwaving the White House: Enemies Are Now Sonic Attacking Americans from American Soil

China’s Propaganda: Ludicrous, Malicious, Extremely Effective

BILL WALTON, Managing Partner, Rappahannock Ventures, Chairman, Rush River Entertainment, former Leader, Donald Trump Transition Team, Host, The Bill Walton Show, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality, @billwaltonshow

Bill Walton: Arizona’s recount efforts are part of a larger battle

Walton argues that Obama-era Department of Justice officials are working to undermine election integrity initiatives

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