Secure Freedom Minute: Resiliency Must be an Infrastructure Upgrade Priority


Foreign enemies have taken offline a huge piece of our nation’s critical infrastructure – the Colonial Pipeline network that supplies roughly 45% of the eastern United States’ requirements for oil, gas and jet fuel.

It’s unclear precisely who is responsible for this potentially devastating cyberattack on Americans and their economy. What we can say for sure is that, if we don’t make our critical infrastructure resilient, there will be more – and even worse – disruptions in the future.

For example, we now have in our most critical infrastructure – namely, the U.S. electric “grid” – as many as 300 high-voltage transformers manufactured in Communist China. It is a virtual certitude that Beijing’s vast cyber-warfare capabilities could easily shut down, and probably destroy, those huge devices, precipitating widespread and enduring blackouts across America.

Want to upgrade our infrastructure? Start with making it resilient.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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