Secure Freedom Radio: With KT McFarland

Secure Freedom Radio

KT MCFARLAND, former Deputy National Security Advisor for President Trump, author, “Revolution: Trump, Washington and ‘We The People,'” Twitter: @realKTMcFarland

Part I: 

  • KT McFarland found that the Mueller Investigation tried to use perjury traps to incriminate herself and/or President Trump
  • Dissenters within the Trump White House tried to sabotage the President’s administration from within
  • McFarland: The foreign policy accomplishments under the Trump administration were some of the best since Ronald Reagan

Part II: 

  • America First was meant to address a changing world. Policymakers in Washington need to move on from a post-war liberal international mindset
  • Opening up to China in the 1970s was guided by America’s experience in Europe after World War II
  • Is “managed decline” the policy of the US government once again?

Part III: 

  • Previous generations of policy experts believed that in order to achieve “peace in the middle east,” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had to be settled first – Jared Kushner changed the way Washington approached this issue
  • Arab countries looked to Iran as the greatest threat in the region
  • President Trump gave the Biden administration a “golden ticket” towards policy in the Middle East and along America’s southern border

Part IV: 

  • Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter – his administration will fail in the near future as gas prices increase and more troops are sent to the Middle East
  • “Down ballot” favoritism for other Republican candidates evoking President Trump’s policies illuminates the GOP’s prospects in 2022
  • McFarland makes the case for why we need to fight H.R.1 

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