Secure Freedom Radio: With Michael Yon, Dr. Sayo Ajiboye and Edward Dowd


MICHAEL YON, Former Green Beret, Combar Correspondent,, @Michael_Yon

Michael Yon talks about the high influx of migrants throughout Latin America under the Biden presidency: “Right after inauguration I flew straight to El Paso and immediately watched the flood come in…there’s always been a trickle but as soon as the Presidents changed, there was a run for the border”
Yon talks about Mexican Cartels’ operations within the United States: “They’re [The Cartels] not consigned just to Mexico. They’re buying farms in Oregon…Why would they bring it [Marijuana] in tunnels when they could just grow it in Oregon”

DR. SAYO AJIBOYE, President, Mission Africa International

Dr. Sayo Ajiboye, a “foreign-born American patriot,” talks about why he decided to immigrate to the U.S.
Ajiboye: Is the Nigerian government whitewashing the jihad taking place in its own borders?

EDWARD DOWD, Former Investment Advisor, Blackrock Inc., @DowdEdward

Edward Dowd, a former investment advisor for Blackrock, Inc., talks about his case against Pfizer, the mainstream media and other vaccine developers
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