Secure Freedom Minute: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger ”China Initiative”


As evidence continues to mount that President Biden is personally, deeply compromised by our mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party, everything he is doing to help the CCP demands urgent national security scrutiny. Fortunately, eight U.S. Senators have just added a new item to that list – and are calling for corrective action.

Last month, the Biden administration announced that it was terminating a Justice Department program called “the China Initiative” that was successfully exposing and rooting out CCP espionage inside the United States.

The pretext for terminating the Initiative is that it was “racist” thanks to the Chinese Communists’ practice of using PRC nationals, students and naturalized American citizens from China as spies.

The Senators are right: The CCP is a threat that cannot safely be ignored on such grounds. If anything, the effort to defeat it requires a vastly redoubled effort.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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