Secure Freedom Radio: With Roger Robinson, Susan Katz Keating and Lance Crayon

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ROBER ROBINSON, President and CEO, RWR Advisory Group, former Senior Director of International Economic Affairs, White House (1982-1985), former Chairman, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Co-Founder, Prague Security Studies Institute

Roger Robinson talks about Chinese involvement in U.S. capital markets – Many Americans’ financial portfolios include companies tied to the Chinese Communist Party and their lackeys

Asymmetric material risk: Things don’t go kind of wrong, they go very wrong

SUSAN KATZ KEATING, Chief National Security Correspondent,, Security and Terrorism Correspondent, American Media Institute, Military Correspondent, People Magazine, @SKatzKeating

Down with the dictatorship:’ Cuba erupts with mass protests seeking freedom from communism

Susan Katz Keating: U.S. service members are absolutely rolling their eyes at cultural sensitivity training

LANCE CRAYON, former Senior News Editor, Global Times (US edition), former Video Journalist, China Radio International, former Senior Editor, People’s Daily English News app

Under Julie Su’s watch, $30 billion was syphoned off from California’s unemployment benefits from hackers around the world

Lance Crayon: For 15 years, Julie Su avoided employee abuse cases involving Chinese companies and Chinese workers – Why?

Crayon: How does China entice countries in the Caribbean to ally with them – First they kick out Taiwanese influence and then the Communists give them money

Crayon delves into Chinese influence in Haiti and the recent assassination of President Jovenel Moïse

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