Secure Freedom Minute: Required Viewing – Tucker’s Epic Talk with Jon Voight


Like millions of Americans, I have become a huge fan of Tucker Carlson. His truth-telling monologues and conversations with courageous guests who do the same keep hope alive like the U.S.-sponsored dissidents and defectors’ Cold War broadcasts behind the Iron Curtain.

Tucker posted yesterday on his extraordinary new Fox Nation program what I consider to be the most important interview by anyone in memory. I confess to being less than objective as it featured an extremely intimate and deeply moving chat with my cherished friend, Jon Voight.

For an hour, the Oscar-winning actor described an interaction with God that changed his life, an act of humanity that he credits with transforming his career and the imperative of telling the truth about the enemies, foreign and domestic, seeking the destruction of our country.

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This is Frank Gaffney.

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