Secure Freedom Radio: With Vice President Francisco Tudela


FRANCISCO TUDELA, former Vice President and Foreign Minister of Peru, Survivor, 1996-97 Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis

Francisco Tudela talks about the horrors he witnessed during his time in captivity throughout the 1996-97 Japanese Embassy Hostage Crisis in Peru

What happened in the run up to the 2021 Peruvian presidential elections?

Tudela talks about the social, political and economic climate surrounding Pedro Castillo’s rise to prominence

Tudela: People were shamed into either voting for Castillo and abstaining instead of supporting Keiko Fujimori

In a country of 40 million inhabitants, Pedro Castillo narrowly won the presidential election by 44,000 votes

Tudela talks about how the Russian established a connection between the Communists in Cuba and the Marxists in Peru

Tudela delves into China’s 800 hectare Chancay port complex project – which when completed may have the capability to host a naval strike group

Tudela: If you have “island hopping,” what’s stopping bad actors, like China, from introducing “port hopping”

The “Free Peru” political party is linked to the military arm of the shining path terrorists group, which, according to the White House, produces 8-10 tons of refined cocaine per year

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