Secure Freedom Minute: An Urgent Warning to Us from Peru


The South American nation of Peru’s former First Vice President, Francisco Tedula, is a formidable man. He was among, and helped rescue, 72 hostages seized by terrorists like those who have now taken his country hostage, thanks to a fraudulent election last June.

Mr. Tudela warns of the danger for his people, the region’s and ours if such communists succeed in transforming Peru into a Venezuela on steroids: Terrorism will proliferate; deadly drug trafficking will intensify; and perhaps millions of Peruvians will join those coming here illegally.

Particularly alarming is the prospect of China’s deepening penetration and exploitation of Mr. Tudela’s strategic nation, including by basing there aircraft carrier battle groups – precipitating the most serious hemispheric threat since the Cuban missile crisis.

As Peru goes, so will likely go Colombia, Chile and Brazil. That would imperil our country, and must be resisted.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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