The Biden-Harris Administration’s “Fundamental Transformation” of America

By Tim

Welcome to the Biden-Harris’ administration and its “fundamental transformation” of America.

If anyone doubted that “elections have consequences,” look no further than Joe Biden’s busy first few days in the White House.

The new President immediately reversed a number of his predecessor’s policies. For example, among the blizzard of problematic Executive Orders he signed on “Day One” were directives that will incentivize illegal immigration and reopen America to aliens from nations – many of them Sharia-supremacist – where we cannot properly vet them.

Biden also recommitted the United States to a radical energy and climate change agenda, including a Paris accord that rewards Communist China for increasing its greenhouse gas emissions.

And as part of his so-called “racial equity” initiative, the 46th President reinstituted the practice Trump terminated of indoctrinating federal employees with the false narrative of America’s “systemic racism.”

Regrettably, the early consequences of last year’s election will be a weaker and more divided, not United States.

Even more worrying than these and myriad other radical policies of the new administration, however, are its underlying, animating agenda. In his inaugural address, President Biden actually veered from his purported theme of unity to declare war on “domestic terrorism” in which he claims “white supremacists” are engaging.

It is bad enough that the Democrats, the media and, yes even some elected Republicans, have bought into the fraudulent narrative that there was an actual “insurrection” against the U.S. Capitol and our seat of government mounted by a “violent mob” that was incited by President Trump. It is outrageous that such distortions about what happened on January 6th – when, to be sure, a relatively small number of people did enter the Capitol without authorization and engaged in some destruction of property there – were turned into a justification for the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump for a second time. And the imposition of a form of martial law in Washington, D.C.

What is positively disastrous for millions of Americans and for our country is that Joe Biden is now seizing on these pretexts to characterize patriotic, law-abiding and Constitution-loving citizens of this country as enemies and to threaten them with prosecution – or worse, military action.

Not only does such rhetoric totally belie the new President’s professions of a determination to end divisions in our country. It amounts to incitement of vigilante attacks by his supporters at a minimum, and possibly widespread civil strife.

The chaos that can predictably ensue may even been seen by the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign adversaries as an opportunity, if not an actual invitation, to engage in interventions to achieve the destruction of the United States. After all, there is growing evidence that several of them already did intervene in the course of the 2020 election in the hope of advancing that take down of America by defeating Donald Trump and electing the Biden-Harris ticket.

We must not let such disasters befall our nation. And that will require an urgent course correction by President Biden aimed actually at healing our nation, not precipitating perhaps a civil war.

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I am pleased now to be able to tap the remarkable first-hand experience of a guest with intimate experience with the doctrines and actions of such totalitarian foes – both domestic and foreign – and how they may shape our destiny under the Biden-Harris administration. He is Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a former Marxist professor at New York University and the author most recently of an extraordinary new novel entitled Thought Criminal.

Dr. Rectenwald, welcome back to Securing America.