The Biden-Harris “Bait-and-Switch”

By Tim

One of the oldest tricks in the con man’s repertoire is the “bait-and-switch.” Offer the customer – or sucker – one thing, but supply something different, and inferior.

There has arguably never before been a more audacious, and more sinister, example of this type of sleight-of-hand than the one currently being perpetrated by the Democratic Party and its presidential ticket.

Specifically, the American people are being asked to vote for Joe Biden for president and Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running-mate. But there is no chance, none, that – if the Biden-Harris team actually wins the upcoming election – the former Vice President will actually serve as president for any significant time.

Think about it. Joe Biden appears physically unfit to serve in one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The man is now notorious for declaring a “lid” or end to campaigning at 9:00 a.m. – and in recent days, for not campaigning at all for five out of six days.

Then there’s the question of Mr. Biden’s judgment. One of his colleagues during the Obama-Biden administration, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, said that Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Perhaps most alarming of all, we have learned in the past week that Joe Biden’s family has been involved in extensive corruption, including with such enemies as Russia and China. The evidence suggests that the Vice President personally profited from at least some of these transactions.

As Judicial Watch lead investigator Chris Farrell, a veteran counter-intelligence practitioner, told me yesterday, such misconduct – even by family members or associates – is extremely problematic.

It is, therefore, no small irony that Joe Biden chose to make a centerpiece of his closing pitch for the presidency this extraordinary statement from last night’s debate.

President Trump immediately, and correctly, pointed out that the information discovered on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” established his father’s character to be that of “a corrupt politician” – not the man of character, honor and integrity the former Veep professes to be.

Taken together, it is clear that Joe Biden is a disastrous liability for the Democrats and will be pushed aside at the earliest opportunity. Nancy Pelosi’s recent proposal to modify the 25th Amendment so as to allow a panel to be charged with evaluating and removing a president if its members deem the chief executive to be “incapacitated” transparently is meant to facilitate such a coup against the former Vice President.

That is especially so since, in the course of the endgame of this presidential race, Mr. Biden has renounced many of the concessions he made to the radical leftists that now dominate his party – including those he explicitly embraced in his platform. Once they have one of their own in the vice presidency, you can bet that Joe Biden will have outlived his usefulness and be swiftly supplanted.

Consequently, the prospect that Kamala Harris might become president at any point, let alone that she may be in that role early on, should be a central focus of what is left of this election cycle.

President Trump has accurately described Sen. Harris as a “communist.” Others have rated her the most “liberal” member of the U.S. Senate, surpassing even Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

And her commitment to the extremist policies of the Green New Dealers, the advocates of socialized medicine, Black Lives Matter revolutionaries and her party’s other “fundamental transformers” make Kamala Harris unelectable – as was demonstrated by her dismal performance in the run-up even to the leftist-dominated Democrats’ primaries.

In short, the bait-and-switch underway at the moment is the only way Sen. Harris could ever expect to become president and then be in a position faithfully to implement the socialist take-down of our constitutional Republic to which she seems committed.

So the question to the Democratic Party leadership is this:

Are you going to level with the American people now and make Kamala Harris the presidential nominee – exposing her radical leftist record and predilections to the scrutiny they urgently require?  For example, will we get forthwith clarity on: her Marxist pedigree and associations; her policy towards the greatest existential threat of our time, the Marxist-Maoist Chinese Communist Party; or her support for censoring, “cancelling” and controlling her critics?

Or are you going to try to pull off the ultimate con so as to impose such a candidate and her frankly anti-American agenda on a bait-and-switched country?

We need to know. And we need to know NOW.