The Choice – Final

By Tim

Securing America #23.1 – Monologue ~ 11/03/20

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From this program’s inception, we have been identifying a number of the key issues that, taken together, make up what I call “The Choice.” In the waning hours of Election Day, I want to briefly recap what’s at stake in the hope that – if you haven’t voted and still can – that you will be moved to cast your ballot now.

If you already have voted, thank you. Hopefully, this review will be a gratifying affirmation of the choice you made.

Let’s start with one of the most stark of the differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden – namely on immigration. Basically, it comes down to whether we want secure borders and real impediments to, and restrictions on, those who try to come here illegally. Or whether we want, effectively, to encourage and enable millions more to do so. This is not an abstraction. We have seen the effects of the two different approaches under the previous, Obama-Biden administration and this one. Especially in a time of pandemic, human- and drug-trafficking and terrorists and other enemies seeking to get here, open borders and all that goes with it simply cannot be allowed.

The choice is roughly as dramatic with respect to the national defense. The Obama-Biden administration allowed our military to be hollowed out, wearing out its personnel and equipment with wars that our leaders would neither allow to be prosecuted effectively or provide the necessary resources to modernize and restore our forces to fighting trim. Particularly worrying is the prospect that a Biden-Harris would substantially dismantle what is left of America’s obsolescing nuclear deterrent. Donald Trump, by contrast, believes in the Reagan philosophy of “peace through strength” and has put it into practice with significant investments in our men and women in uniform, their armaments and the long-overdue upgrading of our strategic forces.

Donald Trump has vowed that “America will never be a socialist nation.” Joe Biden’s platform would take us there since it was drafted by avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes. And his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, is to the left of them.

That dramatic ideological difference is evident in, on the one hand, the booming economy Donald Trump’s policies of tax cuts and reducing the regulatory burden made possible before the Chinese Communist Party unleashed its pandemic on this country and the world. And, on the other, the economic devastation that would be wrought by Joe Biden’s higher taxes, increased regulations and Green New Deal energy policies. Does anyone really want to revert to the slow growth and high unemployment – especially in the minority communities – of the Obama-Biden years?

An aspect of The Choice that will have particularly long-lasting effect is the difference between the two presidential candidates on judicial appointments. We have seen the transformative effects of President Trump’s outstanding selections of “originalists” to the Supreme Court and other federal benches. Contrast that with the philosophy that characterized the Obama-Biden years and is in prospect in a Biden-Harris administration, namely, the preferred judicial philosophy of “activism,” a euphemism for judges who see their role as wholly unaccountable legislators-for-life. The Democrats’ stated willingness to “pack” the courts, and presumably not just the highest one, would mutate them into super-legislative institutions and enable the “fundamental transformation” of our country that Barack Obama promised in 2008 and his team has pursued ever since.

Last but hardly least for this purpose are the night-and-day differences between the candidates’ views on Communist China. As many of our guests have observed, President Trump not only recognizes that the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, is our enemy. He and his administration have acted across a broad front to counter the myriad and growing threats it poses to us and the rest of the Free World. Joe Biden not only insists that the Chinese Communists are just competitors. There is compelling evidence that he has been corrupted by them in ways that will mortally compromise him and our country as the CCP exploits that advantage to our detriment.

For these reasons among many others, The Choice today is of surpassing importance. It will literally determine the kind of country we live in and that we bequeath to future generations.

That reality calls to mind a warning repeatedly sounded by my old boss, Ronald Reagan. He famously declared that every generation faces an existential threat to freedom. He warned that liberty is not passed on through the blood stream. It has to be fought for, protected and turned over to the next generation to do the same.

Should we fail to do that, Mr. Reagan, foretold, “We will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was like to live in the United States when men were free.”

I for one have no interest in being consigned to such a fate. I am sure that you don’t either.

If so, on this day, we are all called to do our duty, to cast our ballot, to preserve and defend our Constitution, thereby ensuring that our children and grandchildren will have the chance to do it, too. If you still can, please vote. And when you do, choose freedom.