The Coming “Color Revolution”

By Tim

Securing America #22.1 – Monologue ~ 10/30/20

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Last night, I received an email laying out radical leftists’ plans for “shutting down” Washington, D.C., starting on the evening of Election Day. Their stated objective is to create enough sustained chaos here, and presumably elsewhere across the country, to compel Donald Trump to relinquish the Presidency.

As it happens, a few hours before this email was received, we filmed a special edition of “Securing America” aimed at exposing what is really afoot. It featured insights from ten of our country’s foremost experts on what are, in fact, insurrectionists and their subversive operations. It established that what’s in prospect as a result is a so-called “color revolution” aimed not just at removing President Trump from office, but overthrowing our constitutional Republic.

If you missed the special, I want to encourage you to view the whole program at SecuringAmerica.TV or here at In the meantime, let me share with you a few highlights from our conversation addressing key questions with answers you have a need to know.

First, we discussed what’s coming after the election. Panelists provided their insights into three possible scenarios: a Joe Biden victory, a Donald Trump victory and the possibility that the election results are delayed and contested with drawn out legal battles in several states and the courts. Such a delay would provide both the pretext and a fertile environment for the type of chaos and violence from a “movement” we have already seen in our country’s streets, although probably at much more pronounced levels.

This movement has been in the works for many years. And it is a serious mistake to accept what is afoot as “peaceful demonstrations” or “unrest.” Rather, it is an incipient “color revolution” aimed not just at a Joe Biden victory, but seeking the country’s “fundamental transformation” into a Socialist state.

An ominous example of how such a color revolution can turn out is the one the Sharia-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood used to overthrow Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt in 2011.

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin observed that it featured the same sort of deceptive media coverage as is evident here at the moment – where real violence on the streets were portrayed as “peaceful protests.” Similarly, both domestic and international forces supported Egypt’s insurrection, factors at work at the moment in this country, as well.

Another common denominator between the two color revolutions is the key enabling role played by the mainstream and social media. A former speechwriter for President Trump, Dr. Darren Beattie, warned in particular about the cynical use made by the revolutionaries and their friends in the media of creative camera work and selective reporting to make the movement look much bigger than it really is, and promote the impression that resistance is futile.

As former National Security Council official Rich Higgins observed:

“The Bolsheviks were only able to take over Russia in 1917-1918 because they controlled the trains. Today, the hard left controls Silicon Valley, it controls your perception, it controls your Google searches, it controls what you’re allowed to know, and how you perceive reality and this is a very frightening and dangerous situation we find ourselves in.”

Mr. Higgins particular expressed concern that our normal means of communications will be even less accessible and with even greater censorship than what we’ve lately witnessed with traditional and social media blocking truthful reporting. He also cautioned us to “be ready for this to last a long time” and that “Tahrir Square in Egypt lasted almost a year.”

An important and somewhat hopeful message was provided by behavioral scientist Anne Sorock, who has done extensive research into the sentiments of many of those currently lending support to the color revolutionaries. She put it this way:

“The [American] people are saying they want leadership. That is why they responded to President Trump. They want truth-telling in this moment of chaos. I have to say that these people who are in the streets in the middle of this coup, they will also come to a fissure with their operative leaders because they are still telling us that they want an America that is good. So, we still have the opportunity to speak to those coup participants.”

Here’s the bottom line: The United States is in for a very rough ride in the days immediately ahead. It is vital that we understand who is engaged in what is, truly, revolutionary activity and to what end. We must recognize and counter the involvement of Marxist elements in this country and from overseas, notably Communist China and its proxy, Venezuela.

We have to hold accountable those in the Democratic Party who are supporting – or at least hoping to exploit – this Fifth Column operation to regain power, and those in the Republican Party who are sitting out this fight, rather than fighting for this country. And most immediately, we have to vote to preserve our constitutional Republic in sufficient numbers to prevent the outright theft of this election or its effective negation by the color revolutionaries.

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours at SecuringAmerica.TV. While you are there, sign up for a downloadable pdf of a new citizens’ handbook entitled “Are You Safe?” that will help you prepare for the coming color revolution and what you can do to protect your family, community and country against it.

Next up, we’ll talk with one of the most principled and necessary men in the U.S. government, Assistant Secretary of State Robert Destro.