The Democratic Fraudsters and Their Enforcers

By Tim

Securing America #25.1 – Monologue: The Left’s Plan ~ 11/05/20

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As you all know by now, we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis. What was purportedly a presidential election turns out to have been, at best, a combination of actual free and fair balloting – principally done in-person – and outright fraud. The polls are technically closed. But the fraud seems to be continuing, and intensifying.

In the course of Tuesday’s voting in state after state, including a number of swing ones, President Donald Trump appeared to have secured a sizeable reelection victory. But in the hours after the polls closed in a number of those states, a dizzying succession of so-called “election irregularities” occurred.

These have involved, among other things: the exclusion and/or the impeding of Republican poll watchers; selective suspension of the counting of ballots; vote “dumps” with every single ballot cast for Democrat Joe Biden; changing of rules in the middle of the election; and the acceptance of suspect mail-in ballots, millions of which were mailed to persons ineligible to vote.

All of that comes, of course, on the heels of an array of other techniques used to skew the vote. These included: wildly inaccurate polls that seemed intended to suppress Trump’s turnout; saturation anti-Trump coverage by the so-called mainstream, but deeply partisan media; the similarly leftist social media’s undisguised manipulation, if not outright censorship, of information directly relevant to the race; and the active interference of foreign powers. Far and away the most aggressive of those powers was the Chinese Communist Party – the greatest enemy in this country’s history.

Taken together, these forces constitute the most comprehensive and systematic threat to the electoral workings of our democratic Republic since its founding. The fact that Donald Trump is still standing, let alone still in the running in this race, is a tremendous testament to his tenacity, endurance, commitment to our nation and faithful representation of the many millions of Americans who love our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees.

These qualities have prompted the President to take to the courts seeking to ensure that every lawful vote is counted. Mr. Biden has pledged only to see that “every vote” is counted – presumably meaning not only the legally cast ones, but whatever number of illegal, fraudulent ones prove necessary to secure his victory.

Unfortunately, we now face the prospect that those responsible for – or at least aligned with the perpetrators of – such travesties will soon bring to bear yet another weapon to remove our President from office. For months, Democratic officeholders in Washington and cities and states around America have been turning a blind eye to the violent upheavals taking place across the land. In some cases, they actually threw in with the rioters and looters, evidently convinced that, as the Communists contend, the worse, the better. Until, that is, they realized that it wasn’t polling well. At that point, the violence didn’t end, but the press stopped reporting on it and its erstwhile supporters in government stopped publicly displaying their solidarity with the rioters.

That seems likely to change very soon, however. Large numbers of radicals are now declaring their intention to “defend democracy” against what they say is the threat posed to liberty by Donald Trump. Such activists are making no secret of their belief that the ends of recovering the White House and imposing their Marxist agenda justifies the use of violent means.

One of the most prominent of these revolutionaries is a veteran organizer, trainer and agitator named Lisa Fithian. She has for years been deeply involved with the agenda and operations of groups like Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, the Black Lives Matter organization, etc.

Here’s how Fithian describes her priorities from a terrific short video entitled “Interview with the Left” posted at

And here’s a clip from a training film Fithian produced for the color revolutionaries about what she has in mind to Shut Down DC if Donald Trump wins the election.

In short, we have Lisa Fithian expressly calling for the destruction and federal property across state lines. That would appear to be a felony offense that warrants her arrest and prosecution. It is high time that law enforcement take such revolutionaries off America’s streets before they can precipitate more destruction of property and quite possibly loss of life.