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From the beginning of the China virus pandemic, Democrats have seized upon this crisis to maximize their control over the American people and exploit it to influence this year’s election. From the first COVID stimulus (the CARES Act), they have lobbied for vast changes in elections, including unprecedented, nationwide mail-in voting.

Subsequent, nationwide riots orchestrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Marxists following George Floyd’s death have established the precedent for election-related violence next. And Democratic partisans have added fuel to this fire by openly suggesting they will only accept one result: the election of Joe Biden as president.

Essayist Michael Anton recently wrote an explosive piece at The American Mind collecting evidence that some Democrats are actually planning an election coup if necessary to achieve that outcome. It features the work of a group of top-level Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans euphemistically branded as the Transition Integrity Project that war-gamed various possible outcomes to the November election. All scenarios were predicated on the assertion that Donald Trump, not the Democrats, would act in bad faith and most predicted massive chaos and violence.

Here’s how, the Transition Integrity Project’s Rosa Brooks characterized the results.

But the Project’s report about this exercise suggested that Democrats, not this President, were the ones prepared to use extralegal means, and that they were only going to accept one outcome: the election of Joe Biden. Much of the report is dedicated to laying out a plan to assure that. To cite but one example, the authors ominously noted, “a broadly shared sense in the Democratic Party that current voting systems, as well as the electoral college, are structurally anti-democratic….” They added that, “A close and contested election may be resolved through the exercise of power, not through the courts.”

Given what we have already witnessed this year, it is not difficult to imagine what that so-called “exercise of power” might look like. For example, Transition Integrity Project’s report on its war-game calls for widespread use of ballot harvesting in the election – a prescription for vote fraud – especially in close elections, and an army of lawyers to battle endlessly over contested states.

It advocates an intense campaign of propaganda challenging the President’s already stated concerns over voter fraud, screaming that “Trump lost” no matter the real outcome, and recommending a reliance on “mass protests” in the streets, to, “demonstrate the public’s commitment to a ‘legitimate’ outcome….”

And the TIP report accuses President Trump of the bad behavior Democrats have been engaged in since 2016. Notably, it quotes concerns he has repeatedly – and rightly – expressed about the danger that the distribution of 80 million unrequested mail-in ballots will result in widespread vote fraud, calling it dishonest propaganda designed to anger Trump’s base and spur them to violence if he loses.

This is a classic Communist tactic called “projection.” It’s aimed at discrediting in advance any future reactions to the Leftists’ plans by accusing their opponents of doing what they themselves are doing. So, if the Democrats encourage rioting in the streets following a Trump victory and he calls out the National Guard to end the violence, the public has already been primed to believe Leftist accusations that the President is a “dictator” intent on suppressing the legitimate election outcome.

And as Michael Anton argues, the TIP war-game is looking more and more like a carefully articulated set of scenarios created to inspire, if not direct, the radical Left infrastructure.

Other hard Left organizations responded immediately to put the Transition Integrity Project’s recommendations into action. For instance, a group ironically named “Defeat Disinfo” formed as an online platform to wage information warfare via social media to discredit the Trump message.

Another group calling itself ShutDownDC published an online document entitled Stopping the Coup: The Disruption Guide for 2020. This lays out a detailed blueprint to assure a Biden victory at all costs, once again based on the pretext that any Trump victory in 2020 will be illegitimate.

And a leading light of the radical Left, Francis Fox Piven – the co-author of the infamous Cloward Piven “Crisis Strategy” that brought us ACORN vote fraud, the subprime mortgage meltdown and other manufactured and exploitable crises, is calling for radicals to “take to the streets” if the election is contested. She concludes “So we should prepare now to respond — psychologically and strategically — to something akin to a coup.” Once again, Trump is the threat to democracy, when, in fact, it is the Left that’s doing the coup-planning in advance.

Clearly, the Left is not simply creating conditions for an electoral train-wreck involving contested balloting and outcomes and the accompanying, protracted delays in resolving who is the elected President of the United States and possibly who controls one or both houses of Congress. We are on notice that the Left will not just threaten violence in such circumstances but are preparing to engage in it, or at the least encourage it.

It appears that only a crushing landslide in favor of Donald Trump might spare our country such turmoil and the bloodletting the coup-plotters clearly have in mind. Think about that as you prepare to vote and encourage your family, neighbors and friends to do the same.

Those are my thoughts. Let me know yours at SecuringAmerica.TV, our new website where you can comment on and learn more about our work, find out how you can support it and get access to a “Citizen’s Handbook” on how you can contend with “Insurrection and Violence.”